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Kava Drinks & Shots  
Kava Shells:

                              Regular           Strong (2x) 

Shell (4 oz.):     $5                $8

Kava Cocktails     

(+$2 Dbl Kava)


Mangonada Kava $12

Kava, Mango Tea, Crème de Coconut, Coconut Milk, Lime

Strawberry Matcha Latte ~ $13

Kava, Strawberry Tea, Cream, Matcha, Simple


Chai Cocokava ~ $12

Kava, Chai, Coconut Milk, Simple

Berry Rosemary Sangria ~ $12

Kava, Blackberry Tea, Rosemary Simple


Hawaiian Blue Colada ~ $12

Kava, Pineapple, Crème de Coconut, Blue Spirulina


Cranberry Lime Rickey ~ $12

Kava, Cranberry, Lime, Simple


Espresso Kavatini ~ $13

Kava, Nitro Cold Brew, Chocolate


Kava CANNOT be ingested with alcohol

(It increases alcohol’s negative effects)

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